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Timetable, Class Descriptions & Prices

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All  classes can be done in the studio or via Zoom 

New weekly  Exercise and Yoga classes


Timetable starting Monday 17th April 2023 (6 weeks)



9-10am Strength & Core Strength/Stretch

10.15am  Yoga - Yin & Yang Yoga


7- 8pm Yoga

8.15-9.15pm Yin Yoga


9-10am  Rise & Shine Yoga.

11.30am  HIIT v LIIT Strength  & Core 




Classes are suitable for all levels, lots of options will be given.

High and low impact options will be given.

Studio classes all props provided, but please bring a mat.

All classes are available in the studio or via zoom. All equipment is provided for in

person classes, but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

 For Zoom Strength/Core/HIIT v LIIT classes please ensure you have a mat for

the second half of the class, no other equipment is needed but if you

have weights and or resistance bands please feel free to use them/

 For yoga you will need a

mat (or equivalent) any cushions, blankets, props such as blocks,

a strap (dressing gown belt or scarf works well) and an extra

blanket for yin yoga to stay cosy! 

Cost for  a studio space for  the 6 week term £90, (£15 Per Class)

Zoom £60 (£10 per Class) 


On Line option only

Private YouTube Channels Access to a library of pre-recorded classes,

plus recordings of all of this terms classes of HIIT v LIIT, HATHA & Yin Yoga.

£30 for 4 weekly rolling contract, paid via standing order. Classes will be uploaded each week,

so there will always be something new for you to do. 

Ideal if you enjoy the variety of classes but the live class times don’t suit your schedule.


Class Description


HIIT - High Intensity interval training, (Includes various intervals such as Pyramids, 

Tabata and Rest base training).

Mainly body weight exercises consisting of intense bursts of exercise followed by

short, sometimes active recovery. It's high impact, fast and fun.

Benefits - A great fat and calorie burner, will increase your metabolism,

quick and convenient.

LIIT - Low Intensity Interval Training is similar to High Intensity Interval Training,

but differs in the amount of effort expended during the harder intervals. Like HIIT,

your workout consists of two paces: (1) a normal pace in which you could carry on

a conversation, and (2) a faster pace in which you exert more effort for a certain

length of time. But with LIIT, the faster pace isn't high impact.

Which means it’s kinder to your joints.


Dumbbell/Strength HIIT / LIIT - As above but with the added challenge of using

free weights if desired.

Ultimate Low Impact Workout - This class brings weight training,

body sculpting and cardio intervals together. Using various equipment, such as

hand weights, boxing pads & gloves and  body weight.

The weight training helps shape and strengthens muscles while building your body

to use more calories during the cardio workout. 

It’s a unique blend of aerobic & anaerobic conditioning and strength training.


CoreStretch & Tone - A great low impact class to sculpt and shape the body

with the emphasis being on toning and strengthening the core.

Using body weight, bands, straps and free weights.

Benefits - Muscular strength, definition and flexibility.


Dynamic Dumbbells - A low impact class that gives you a whole body workout

using free weights. A fab class for toning and sculpting your body.

Benefits - Cardiovascular fitness, increasing bone density,

which could help reduce the risks of osteoporosis.

 Yoga Core Power & Stretch -  strengthens and empowers the body, mind, and spirit.

It’s strenuous and vigorous enough to get the physical results you want, but without

the typical feeling of exhaustion after a long workout session, due to the mind and body

connection. It's designed to stretch and strengthen the back and abdominal muscles.

Hatha Yoga -  Is finding balance. Through working with the physical body,

releasing tensions and traumas stored in the body,

you create space in yourself and, through that space and balance,

the opportunity for spiritual growth. 

BOX-FIT - Requires  dedication and determination.

        It’s a HIIT workout that's boxing focused, using gloves, pads and weights.



Stretch & Tone -Low impact, low intensity workout that will tone your muscles,

increase your range of motion and flexibility and help you relive stress.

Yogalates -A mix of Yoga and Pilates exercises, which combines the strength

of Pilates and the flexibility of yoga.

Benefits - Improves strength, tone, flexibility and balance. Aligns mind and body.

Personal Training & Coaching


Personal Training/Coaching gives you  expert guidance on your Lifestyle and fitness goals,

services include  lifestyle and dietary analysis, comprehensive health checks and

fitness testing. Achieve the life and the body you deserve. 

Costs are £75 per session (55 minutes). 

For 2 or more people, please contact me.

Private Yoga

Close, one-to-one guidance, mentoring and support,

Work exactly at your own pace in your yoga practice

Assistance in working out what it is you need most from yoga and dedicated time and

energy focused on that.

Private yoga classes are a wonderful way to really make sure that your individual

needs are being met in your yoga practice.

Private Costs £75 for an individual (55 Minutes). For 2 or more people, please contact me. 

YIN Yoga - See Yin yoga page for dates

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