Strength HIIT V LIIT & CoreStrength

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HIIT v LIIT Strength training…….Use of hand weights optional HIIT - Combine short bursts of intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods, and then repeat the intervals over a certain period of time. HIIT workouts can push your fitness to a new level. Low Intensity Interval Training is similar to High Intensity Interval Training, but differs in the amount of effort expended during the harder intervals. Like HIIT, your workout consists of two paces: (1) a normal pace in which you could carry on a conversation, and (2) a faster pace in which you exert more effort for a certain length of time. But with LIIT, the faster pace isn't high impact. Which means it’s kinder to your joints. Who is it Suitable for? LIIT is suitable for both men and women, all age groups, beginners, overweight people, people with joint issues or even folks recovering from injuries. It’s also ideal for women who are pre and post-menopausal. As the exercises are weight bearing, with options to add extra weights, but without the hard impact to your joints you get with HIIT.

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