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Luxury Yoga Retreat

Ithaca, Greece.

 16th -23rd October 2021

Itha108 is a Greek island retreat set in a place of natural beauty, providing a space specifically for peace, relaxation and practice. Everything has been created here with artistic flair and quality.

Ithaca, home of Itha108, is one of the smallest in the Ionian island constellation, simply radiating with Grecian authenticity. Its shores and secretive coves play host to a long Homeric and mythical history. Itha108 overlooks the sea and the impressive, eastern coastline of neighbouring Kefalonia. An emphasis on indoor-outdoor living ensures full use of the land and it’s broad sweep down to hidden (virtually private!) beaches.

October can be a  perfect time of the year to fully enjoy the retreat and its surrounding area, with typical sunny daytime temperatures up to late twenties and a warm sea….

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